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Reawakening of WASSAILING

WASSAILING!    (Hackney, London)

The spirit of the season is sure to be bright with this tradition back in bloom.  Encouraging a sense of generosity, the Wassailing season, which in the past was widely recognised as a time to give chairtably and host celebrations, fizzled for a time.  However in the last half a century this tradition has made a come back.
Traits of the festivity involve lots of cake and cider; customary that hidden inside a cake was a hidden bean and pea, whoever found the bean became King and whoever found the pea came Queen for the day.  The Wassail was the name given to the ale based drink taken round houses and shared or given out to friends and guests at parties.
SO… Get your crowns ready, empty your pockets and share your food, wine and stories with your nieghbours.

Style of Party: Think Summer Solstice mixed with Christmas day and a procession of lanterns thrown in for good measure.
Wholesome food and much fun to be had.
Tis the season.

For more details on the Wassailing tradition go to
Or for more indepth research get the book

If you feel like joining in on the party look out for spots in Hackney, Hilly Fields, Greenwich and Brockley.