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Marina Abramovic

Inspiring to the core, Marina Abramovic lays bare some of the rawest emotions and provokes onlookers to turn themselves inside out and be at peace in themselves.

In this next link, in the last clips of the session, Marina talks about how important it is to focus wholly on each thing you do, she demonstrates this by doing the simplist of things – sipping water from a wine glass.  Focusing energy is an ethos that drives many of her projects so if you haven’t experienced her beautiful works before – now is the time to check out MARINA ABRAMOVIC.



On the 1st day of December 2014 a fundraising collective was held at frontlineclub in Paddington, London.  Aimed to keep awareness of the conflict in Syria present in the UK and raise funds in response to a depletion (now suspension) of food aid from The UN due to low funds; the event inspired attendees to raise continued support.
Host to artists responding to the crisis their nation faces artinconflict/art-in-conflict-at-the-frontline-club produced an informative evening that moved everyone who came.

Artists including political cartoons from Nabil Abou Hamad, contemporary suffices from Tarek Tuma, and photographs from Vice News photographer Frederick Paxton.
The most striking images from the evening presentation came from the hands of children four years of age; born into the world, to their country, at a time of war, the images below demonstrate the only life they have known.

What may first appear to be the classic happy homes picture that many will remember drawing as a child is in fact…
syrian artworkLoaded with armor, tanks and blood stained shirts this is the reality the children of Syria face; their early years of life subjected to the mind numming sound of bombs and the constant firing hum of artillery.

Watch out for more talks to and art exhibitions with and see how else you can support the crisis over seas by seeing what else is going on at The Front Line Club.

(If you read this and want to give a quick helping hand then TEXT HAT £3 to 70111).

Small Publishers Fair – Annual Event – Conway Hall

                                           Herman de Vries Exhibition – main feat. at The Small Publishers Fair


A man of inspiration and a whole room of other inspiring people at The Annual Small Publishers Fair.  An event which took place in 2014 on friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of November, provoked inspired onlookers to get producing art and share their stories with the world!
Although Hermes de Vries is sadly no longer with us producing his art and sharing his love, his dear friend Peter Foolan was there to exhibit his work and share his love of life.  The Dutch artists’ joy for the natural world emanates throughout their work and is a strong reminder for what’s real and beautiful in this world.