How Can You See Past This House?

green note
 A bit of house musics great but  where do you go when you want the beautiful vibes that only acoustic music can provide?

Green Note – Camden


The Cogs of the Industry

artful-dodger-disclosure1Behind every great band there is is an artful dodger.  The pluggers. The people who will save good bands from slipping down the drain; those who will use their skills and contacts to get great sounds heard. Despite the tragic fate press are posting about the future of record labels, due to social media, artists still need helping hands ~ those vines to swing from!  It’s harder to pave your own way.  Whilst social media has meant artists are appealing directly to their fans to manage their publicity, they don’t have time to do everything.  There are still opportunities to work in this industry but you need to GET OUT THERE!

CONNECT:  Attended my first industry talk in Covent Garden, London.  Organised by George Taylor – Director of My Event Bucket.

The main speaker Tony Michaelides was there to share his stories and offer encouragement to those breaking into the business. If you want to hear about road tripping with Bono and his insights into what has been a lifetime career with the biggest influences in music then watch a similar talk of his in the US…

“Look guys.  I can get you in here because of who I know.  Only you can get yourselves back here because of who you are”.  Michaelides

engine room